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Subsea 7 is already experiencing positive
results from this strategy with its successful
expansion into offshore renewable energy.
Value mapping delivers tangible
benefits to Subsea 7’s clients by
maximising value in a number of
sensitive areas
The process identified a number of
high-impact areas on which to focus.
One is to introduce a value perspective and
sustainability thinking (i.e. value mapping)
to support Subsea 7’s clients in maximising
investment returns and value.
Subsea 7 is building on its innovation
management capabilities to promote an
Bundle System design management workshop.
The technology development team at
Subsea 7 consistently produces excep-
tionally innovative ideas and concepts and
recognised that their innovation pathway
could be improved by engaging with clients
and other partners in the early stages of
field developments. These engagements
clarified what strategic areas of technology
are of greatest importance to the company
and helped to define what technological
resources and capabilities are needed.
Quality function deployment techniques
were used to transform client needs into
value streams and opportunity feasibility
assessments to develop a balanced portfolio
for the future. In addition, strategic open
innovation was initiated to enable the
company to diversify its innovation process
across organisational boundaries.
environment of creativity and inventive
thinking. This will continuously improve its
organisational culture in collaboration with
each of its clients and alliance partners to
create an organisation that is greater than
the sum of its parts.
This collaborative environment is
creating industry-leading, cross-company
innovation, combining the talents from
multiple partners.
The three fundamental themes for
success in this model – robust commercial
arrangements, unhindered collaboration
between partners and effective operational
implementation – are firmly established
and now reinforce Subsea 7’s ability to
successfully deliver needs-driven new
technologies to its clients.
Formerly Chief Technology Officer at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, John Saiz
and the team from the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) at the University of
Cambridge have been working with Subsea 7 since 2015 to sustainably grow and
diversify its technology and product development activities. The team has used
some of the latest research-based innovation and technology management tools
to enhance the process for bringing to market new products and solutions in
response to identified client needs.
John Saiz.
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