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By Adrian Dayani
Global Technology, i-Tech Services
recommendations on when to perform
maintenance based on client goals, needs
and other constraints (including weather,
logistics and geo-politics).
A big data platform in isolation is not the
answer. We have repeatedly heard from
clients that they want to reduce the cost
of operating expence (OPEX) as well as
minimise vessel and people utilisation
offshore; we must become more efficient
and innovative. On greenfield developments,
designing for monitoring, maintenance,
intervention and system reliability is a
critical element in enabling i-Tech Services
to align with Subsea 7’s technological and
operational expertise. For brownfield,
however, being more responsive, lowering
the cost of inspections, collecting the right
data to determine equipment health and
having the capabilities to intervene, repair,
extend and dispose of assets is equally
important. So, while greenfield offers
opportunities to install new technologies
and ways of working, we are continuously
investigating how these can also be
retrospectively applied to brownfield sites.
The amalgamation of our former Life
of Field (LOF) into i-Tech Services has
given us a more comprehensive tool
kit, strengthened our capability and
assembled a dedicated group able to focus
on our clients’ needs. It has focused the
technology programme on becoming more
efficient, expanding our overall capabilities
to be able to lower the Total Cost of
Ownership of new and existing fields.
The technology development programme
is focused on the following areas;
• Hosted and Autonomous systems,
to reduce costs by moving people from
offshore to onshore centres, whilst
providing a better response to collect
data and intervene as needed.
• Condition Monitoring Sensors to allow
the right information to be collected.
• Data systems, process automation and
intuitive client information access to
process the data quicker and more reliably.
• Intervention and Repair Tooling,including
pipeline repairs and hydrate identification.
• Tools and techniques that will allow us to
mobilise more quickly, manufacture more
cheaply and fast-track developments.
Our objective is to build on our extensive
in-house technological design and
Developing the future
of IRM through innovation
Operating companies are
increasingly focused on their
operational expenditure on
complex offshore infrastructures.
i-Tech Services is challenging itself
to look for innovative integrity
management technologies,
that will optimise maintenance
activities and lower the Total
Cost of Ownership.
Clients want to maximise their return
on investment, keep their ageing assets
in operation for longer and concentrate
more on the Total Cost of Ownership in
investment decisions. To achieve this,
iTech Services is focused on delivering
an aggressive technology development
plan that, at its core, utilises big data,
digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence
to provide an Intelligent Asset
Management Service.
By utilising design data, as-builts, actual
inspection and survey results, metocean
and operating data, packaged in a 21st
century viewer, the goal is to provide
predictive asset management that can
provide real-time equipment health
and condition ratings. These include
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