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Game-changing technology
platform which will enable
the next generation of subsea
architectures; significantly reducing
costs and providing re-usable,
scalable solutions to our clients
Transport and
installation frame
Subsea processing systems can consist of
a variety of individual processing units
from different equipment providers. The
central principle of the Towed Solutions
is the application of standardised and
modularised designs throughout the
system, allowing the incorporation of a
wide range of systems as for a topside
platform module.
Subsea 7 has developed a standardised
Transport and Installation Frame (TIF)
which allows individual modules to be
installed into the SPU on a “plug and play”
basis. In an ideal scenario, TIF uses vessel
moonpool installation to minimise weather
dependency, although over-the-side
lowering is also possible.
This effective transport system is based
on Subsea 7’s extensive experience of
subsea operations and allows for the
integration of market-proven processing
equipment into a fully-functioning, pre-
assembled subsea system.
Total subsea solutions
Scalable global subsea systems are therefore
a market-ready proposition. New-generation
Pipeline Bundles and Towed Solutions are
highly compatible with the anticipated
adoption of Subsea Production, Storage and
Offloading (SPSO) facilities.
Based on market-proven technologies and
demonstrating great versatility in both
functionality and scope, Subsea 7’s
prefabricated subsea systems can be
designed, fabricated and installed at cost
levels significantly less than with
conventional pipelay and heavy lift
installations. Based on a common reliable
and cost-effective installation method,
the products will enable the economic
development of tie-backs, challenging
small-pool and marginal reserves for many
years to come.
Martin Goodlad manages Subsea 7’s Pipeline Bundle
Technology Development activities. He joined us in 2002 as a
specialist Pipeline Bundle design engineer and also worked on
our new-build vessel programme. Martin previously worked
as a Naval Architect in classification societies, shipyards
and the defence industry, where he was first introduced to
offshore oil and gas through converting pipelay boats, drill
ships and seismic survey vessels.
Subsea Toolbox.
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