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throughout the operating field life with
minimal downtime. Modularised design
enables the efficient retrieval of processing
modules with serviced maintenance
The modular integrated platform allows for
the re-use of components and overall system
to create significant CAPEX savings and new
commercial models.
With many marginal fields having an
estimated production life as short as three
years, the modular integrated platform can
provide a step change in the way these
fields are developed. This enables the
development of new contracting strategies
and the distribution of cost across several
successive field developments, making
uneconomic small pool development viable.
The main benefits of modularisation are
realised through our Subsea Technology
Toolbox, a digital design library of
established and emerging technology
models which are qualified for open
integration into new field solutions.
Through wide industry collaboration,
these extensive ranges of 3D models are
modularised with standardised interfaces to
allow efficient integration into field-specific
system configurations.
This library of parametric models and
sections greatly accelerates the design
process while still allowing our engineers
to tune and optimise product templates
to meet local field requirements and
architecture. This in turn reduces the
assembly time for large subsea structures
with provider equipment being integrated
into the product platforms as efficiently
as possible.
Critical assembly steps can be “de-
bottlenecked” in this way, and
standardised, qualified components
can be deployed in successive projects
without significant re-engineering.
Modular component repeatability also
reduces procurement complexity and
delivers assembly productivity gains
through shorter, higher-quality lead times.
Offshore Controlled Depth Tow Method.
The Modular Integrated
Our most recent development is the
Submerged Production Unit (SPU), a
versatile hybrid structure designed to house
large subsea processing plants which are
assembled onshore in specialist yards.
The SPU comprises three main structural
elements – a steel deck to support the
processing modules, a GRP superstructure
to carry the heavy pay loads during towing
and installation, and required buoyancy
for the tow. The SPU is a ground-breaking
concept which can be fully prefabricated
onshore and system-tested before tow-out.
To optimise our portfolio of technical
possibilities, the SPU is a modularised
system that enables the rapid integration
of pre-qualified equipment units from a
number of providers into the product via
standardised interfaces.
As a fully integrated structure, the SPU is
designed to maintain its production profile
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