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Thomas Sunde
Vice President Technology
Through Company-wide engagement and strategic road-mapping,
we have successfully implemented a new, more client-responsive
technology development process which is already paying dividends:
we are delivering technological innovations and solutions to the
market that create real value.
Delivering on
This is the third issue of deep 7 that I have
introduced, and, when I look back at the
previous two, it confirms how far Subsea 7’s
technology development programme
has now come. This is where we aimed
to be when we started the process of
re-appraising the changing market and
business drivers back in 2014. We had,
and continue to have, open engagement
with clients and partners to identify high-
impact industry challenges, especially for
current and near-future developments.
From these many consultations, we
developed a clear view of the steps we
needed to take to enable our clients to
achieve their goals.
We have now taken many of these steps,
and in the following pages you will read
examples of how we are consistently
delivering value in many different areas
of subsea technology, including:
• greatly extending the scope of long-
distance tie-backs
• reducing the material and installation
costs of pipelines
• developing affordable internal flowline
corrosion protection
• designing cost-effective solutions to
unlock unviable HP/HT reserves
• improving the efficiency of integrity
Working with the University of Cambridge’s
Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) and other
established partners, we have implemented a
highly responsive innovation and technology
management strategy which enables us to
continue delivering real change and value to
clients in high-impact areas.
The process has equipped us with powerful,
research-based management tools to ensure
that we focus our investment and resources
on developing key technological products
and solutions. Following this clearly
defined innovation pathway has led us to
commit to collaboration and acquisition to
develop the capabilities that we need.
Through the strengthening of our
technology portfolio and field concept
design capabilities, we are now in a position
to assist our Clients in implementing
game changing solutions, unlocking cost
savings and efficiency gains that only a
few years ago would have been impossible.
To identify prime adoption opportunities
for the new technologies, we work closely
with our Field Development Group on
establishing early engagement with
clients. We are getting results from our
established technology partnerships.
The Field Development Group draws on
the capability of our alliance, KG7,
with KBR and Granherne, to combine
independent design perspectives with
advanced technological know-how.
Technology Magazine from Subsea 7
Welcome to
deep7 2017
Editorial Team:
Thomas Sunde
Vice President Technology
Gordon Drummond
Technology Manager, R&D
Jan Roger Moksnes
Technology Communications
Date of print: September 2017
Delivering on technology
page 2
Sustaining innovation
Innovation and technology
page 4
Developing cost-efficient
pipeline materials
Reducing field development costs
page 6
Polymer corrosion barrier
An alternative to
Corrosion-Resistant Alloy
page 10
Long-distance tie-backs
Transforming the economics
of field development
page 12
Pipeline Bundles
& Towed Production Systems
Enabling the next generation
of subsea architecture
page 16
Developing the future
of IRM through innovation
Innovative integrity
management technologies
page 22
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