DEEP7 2017 - Subsea 7 - page 11

Allan Feeney is responsible for technology development
at Subsea 7’s recently acquired polymer lining specialist,
Swagelining Limited. He has over 20 years’ engineering
experience with particular focus in product design and
processing with polymers, and led the development of
Swagelining’s innovative LinerBridge® connector. Allan has
a Master’s Degree in Manufacture and Design for Polymer
Products from the London Metropolitan University.
The process relies upon the elastic nature of the polymer material and residual strain to provide a tight-fitting
pipeline liner solution. Utilising our bespoke liner design software, a polymer liner pipe of greater outside
diameter than that of the inside diameter of the carbon steel host pipe is pulled in tension through a reducing die.
While under tension, and at a reduced diameter, the polymer liner pipe is pulled through the length of carbon
steel host pipe. Typically this can be up to 1.5km in a single operation. Once in position, the tension is released
and the polymer liner pipe is allowed to revert, creating an effective corrosion barrier as the liner endeavours to
expand back towards its original size.
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