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Allan Feeney
Technical Development Manager, Swagelining Limited
51% of all pipeline failures are a result
of internal corrosion, with 7 years the
typical life expectancy of an unlined
water injection pipeline, according to a
JIP completed by North Sea operators. In
addition to Swagelining’s 50-year product
life span, clients can also benefit from its
qualities of reduced weight, improved
flow assurance, lower inspection
requirements, reduced requirement for
corrosion inhibition and improved oil
recovery due to ensured cleanliness of
the injection fluid.
For applications where an all-polymer
corrosion barrier is preferred, Swagelining,
which was acquired by Subsea 7 in 2016,
has developed a new proprietary polymer
connector technology, LinerBridge®.
LinerBridge® extends the capability of
Swagelining technology by offering a
fully-weldable all-polymer corrosion
barrier which reduces the costs and risks
associated with corrosion-resistant pipelines
by eliminating the need for CRA welding.
Its major advantage is that it makes
polymer-lined pipeline technology less
complex and ultimately easier to use.
LinerBridge® uses robust and proven
electrofusion welding technology adapted
from the onshore utilities’ gas industry to
provide a continuous polymer corrosion
barrier from pipeline end to end. The
carbon steel pipeline can then be safely
welded over the top of the polymer
For subsea installation, the connector can
be deployed in all pipelay installation
methods including Reel-Lay, S-Lay, J-Lay
and towed Bundles. The connector is fully
qualified following successful final reeling
trials on a water injection pipeline for the
Wintershall Maria development.
Developing affordable internal
flowline corrosion protection has
significant game-changing potential
Another area of focus for the company
is the development of polymer lining
solutions for hydrocarbon transporting
pipeline applications. Swagelining is
currently working with The Welding
Institute (TWI) and Saudi Aramco on
a Joint Industry Project to assess the
corrosion barrier performance of a range
of polymer materials and new technologies
which may prove suitable for these
challenging applications.
For a polymer liner solution to provide
a robust corrosion barrier in a hydrocarbon
application, it must be able to manage
the potential for accumulation of high
annular gas pressures and volumes due to
the gas diffusion through semi-permeable
liner materials.
By developing an effective solution to
this issue, Subsea 7 and Swagelining aim to
offer polymer-lined pipe as a cost-effective,
resistant and reliable alternative to clad
and CRA pipe for hydrocarbon
transporting pipelines.
Polymer liners are widely used to fabricate corrosion resistant subsea water
injection pipelines due to their cost-effectiveness and reliability. Polymer lining
specialists Swagelining Limited, a market leader in the industry with over 30
successful subsea projects, has demonstrated a product with a 50 year design life
that offers typical cost reductions of around 35% over Corrosion-Resistant Alloy
(CRA) mechanically lined pipe.
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